Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update: I have 1 follower

So I just realized today that people can "follow" my blog page. I guess like Twitter has followers? However on Twitter I have at least 3 constant followers. I say or do nothing terribly interesting to warrant them though. I think I have more interesting things to say here than there. The 140 character limit does just that, limits me. You cannot limit creativity and free speech. I feel like I am intelligent, but I still need to learn more. I am not a professional writer, I am probably not even a "good" writer. I just write what I am thinking, feeling or the facts. I have never been consistent in my writing. I don't write on a schedule. I write if and when I wish to. And since I have no followers, there is no pressure. No pressure to write. No pressure to be good when I do. But alas, it saddens me today, to realize I have no followers. I only get post hits and comments if I post a comment at or if I write something and share the link to the page on a controversial post online somewhere. I actually like watching the hit counter go up. Especially since I know that none of you know me. That none of you are obligated to be here or like what I say. None of my family nor friends even have a link to this page. I won't share on facebook, I won't give them my "pen name." I write for me, but I still like to see validation. On post with 0 hits, I feel like I've failed. Today this is just a private journal. No one but me keeping score.

Update: thanks for reading and following :)


  1. I've got a blogspot page too that lies mostly dormant. I had I think 139 tracks come through in over a year's time and no comments and no followers. ;-) And you're right, I saw you on Bloggess. I think that's funny, my comment isn't very far after yours. I love that you actually wrote exactly that, having no response. Hope your weekend goes well.

  2. Ok, trying this again, because my comment got routed to MY google page and not onto your post on your page. This is so weird, I wonder if this is also why I never get response back on my own blogspot page, it's really hard to just post a comment without having to jump hoops. Anyway, I got a kick out of this post, and yes, I saw you on Bloggess, and my comment is just a few after yours.

    1. I got them both...the first one was sent to my spam folder for some reason

  3. Well, now that I found you I will read it oftern, I like you won't post in my facebook either so I have no followers or comments even.