Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sometimes Family Sucks

I've had a rough day just from one person's rotten comments. I expected more from her and I grew up thinking she had everything. I wanted to be just like her. As an adult I realized I didn't want to be like her, but I still had this idea of her that kept her high up in my heart. About a month ago, she brought reality crashing down, my spirit and idea were crushed. This morning, she cemented over top of the idea with hate in such a way that it suffocated and died. So now, even a jackhammer can't rescue my idea. Now my heart just hurts in the way that one feels when a loved one passes away. Hopefully the idea won't haunt me like a ghost for the rest of eternity.

I wrote this on facebook about some things my aunt said to me. I guess as I have gotten older I have realized my ideas about my family were created whilst wearing rose colored glasses...

BTW, I logged on to post this and noticed I've reached over 1000 page views! That is awesome. Thank you for reading and I'm sorry I haven't been on much.