Friday, November 09, 2012

Sorry So Long

It's been awhile since I've made a post. Politics, church, Girl Scouts, sleep study, med checks, hospital visits and other medical things have kept me on my toes.

 I'm tired, I don't sleep. I take care of everyone I can. I have been running my mom, my grandma, my kids and myself to every appointment under the sun. I'm taking care of the neighbor boy because his mom is a putz. He's with us so much that people actually think he is my child.

This election was crazy, mud slinging at it's worst. I usually never get involved in politics, but this term was important to me. I spent a lot of my time researching issues and testing the limits of my family and friends. I lost a few, but then I guess they weren't my friends to begin with.

My daughter is slowing her role in all of the church activities. She dropped choir. I don't want her to give up her faith because it is hers after all. I am still encouraging her to go, but in the end it is her choice. I only go to support her, so when she isn't there, I obviously am not either. Recently we found out that the Reverend is relocating to a new parish after 15 years at this one. We have only been there a year, but it is still sad to see him go.

My oldest son (18) decided he was withdrawing himself from high school and at this point, has no plans to continue his education.

My younger son has been a pleasure. I love him. I took him the other day to get a haircut. His face is so bright when he's clean cut.

Next haircut is mine. I totally want to do something different. Short but not too short. I just get tired of maintaining long one length hair. 98% ish of the time, it is up in a pony or clipped to my head. So I'm just going to do away with it. I'm thinking it will lighten the load, reduce some headaches and refresh my brain.

My neighbors are moving and not taking their cat. I hate when people do that. So it's likely I will be feeding another cat (I already have 3), but this one is going to stay outside...maybe

My love (friend) in prison is getting ready to be deported to Mexico when his sentence is up. He was raised here in Arizona, so it is going to be quite an adjustment for him. I'm working on getting my passport so that I can go see him when his mom drives down. The good thing about where we live, it's not much to drive to Mexico for the weekend, or even the day for that matter.