Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Bloggess Is Awesome!

So yesterday, my 9 year old daughter and I went to The Bloggess book signing event at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ. It was a wonderful (and nerve wracking) experience for both my daughter and myself.

On the way there we encountered the onset of a giant rolling dust storm, known here in AZ (at least) as a haboob.
Since we were extremely early, my daughter and I sat in the car in the parking lot for a few minutes before deciding to risk the fury of the dust and just go inside.

I had already bought my book during the pre-order prior to it's release so we knew we wouldn't get a seat, but wanted to be sure we were where we could see, so we stood in line basically from 5:30pm until the event started at 7:00pm. Where I was standing, I was actually lucky enough to see Jenny come in through the back door and head to what I imagine is the back room of the bookstore.
There were so many people, my anxiety almost got the best of me. I was sweating so profusely that the ends of my hair were soaked as if I had stuck them in a cup of water. It was disgusting.
When she came out, she apologized for bringing the monsoon with her and explained that she just learned the word "haboob" and she thought we were just spelling boob incorrectly.
Then she did a reading from her book. One of the most awesomely hysterical chapters of all time, in my opinion, "The Psychopath on the Other Side of the Bathroom Door".
After this, Jenny did Q&A and my daughter, who was super excited to be there, raised her hand. Jenny was sweet when she called on her, Jenny said "Yes adorable little kid in the back?" At which point my lovely daughter asked, "Why are you so awesome?" After all the awes from the crowd subsided, Jenny replied, "You're so sweet." My daughter was beside her self with happiness.
The line for book signing was basically in groups labeled A-H in the order they had pre-purchased the book, each containing about 25 people, and then the rest of us. We sat around patiently waiting for them to call each group to the line.
The lineup started at about 8:00pm and my daughter and I finally got to Jenny about 9:40pm.
She is the best! Super friendly and patient. She took the time for each person to do pictures and short chats.
When we got home, I set the book on my bed, where my cat Chewy decided he liked Jenny's book too and he laid down on it and fell asleep.


  1. You are very lucky! I was supposed to be there but my migraine got the best of me (and I was out of xanax).

    I was at a very similar signing when Anne Rice came, it was a nightmare, so many people. My panic attacks make me sweat too, so I completely understand.

    Also, I have lived in AZ most of my life, and until 2 years ago had never heard the word haboob for our monsoons.

  2. The haboob title is for the dust storm, not the actual monsoon. And yeah, it's a new word for these parts. Anyway, had to check out your blog since you got to go to the Tempe signing. I would have a liked to have been there but glad I missed the haboob. I really wanted to go, but the drive up from Tucson... ick.

  3. Hello, and thank you for your comments. It was wonderful to meet her and had I had some Xanax myself, I maybe wouldn't have been sweating so badly when in the crowd (plus the lady next to me kept bumping into me with her purse). Luckily the crowd thinned significantly by the time I got into the line to meet her and I had dried
    About the monsoon/haboob comment. Yes, I know that it is a dust storm and not a monsoon. I did state that it was a "rolling dust storm" at the beginning, however when I used the two together, I was simply relaying what Jenny had said during her visit. Seeing as how she isn't used to this kind of thing, she is completely forgiven :)

  4. Your daughter cracked me up, that night.
    It made me happy to see her exuberance.

  5. Thank you! I forgot to mention that once we made it up to Jenny, my lovely daughter asked, "Did you actually get your arm stuck up a cow?" Gotta love kids :)

  6. It was so nice to meet you! Totally stealing those monsoon pics. No one in Texas believes me.

    1. Jenny, you can steal them, but they are all in one big picture. If you want the singles I can send them to you.