Thursday, January 12, 2012


So Today I called the veterinarian to get my newest cat, Lucy, fixed. While I was on the phone, the receptionist decided now was a good time to update my chart with a more accurate list of my current pets. She asked me if I still had Little Bit, Buddy, Maggie and then Venus. Last she asked me if I still had Pouncer. I started to cry. Although at this time, I do not have any of the previous cats any longer, for various reasons, none of them struck the chord that my Pouncer did.

In April of 2000 my friend Becci was going to look at kittens and mentioned that there were two solid white ones in the litter, one boy and one girl. I told her I wanted the white girl because I had always wanted a solid white cat and she said okay and went to look at the kittens. Well when she got back, she hands me this little white kitten, with just a thin grey line running vertical down it's forehead. Not quite "solid white" but close enough. Then I notice that it has one blue eye and one green eye. OMG! That is so cool! I'm getting all excited and then I's a BOY. Now I hate having boy cats because they spray EVERYTHING. So I'm a little upset and I ask Becci, why she didn't bring me the girl one. Her response is, "I didn't like her face, this one is cuter." Fine, whatever, I have him now, I'm just going to have to deal with it. So I cuddle him and play with him. I was even going to name him David Bowie. He was cute but he mostly hid under my bed for the first two weeks. About a week into having him, he would climb up on my bed while I was sleeping and would attack my feet. Not like a normal, claw and attack, but he would "pounce" around on my bed. Like he was hunting prey. So I changed his name to Pouncer. I loved Pouncer, he would lay on my head at night and lick my hair. He used to sit back inside my desk on the part behind the keyboard tray, where it was solid for holding a computer tower, and he would attack my hands while I was typing.

The flash somehow switched his blue eye to yellow with
 a green pupil and his green eye to blue with a red pupil.
(Pouncer - 2001)
He was my best friend and as he grew up, he just kept getting bigger, and bigger. Even the vet when holding him said, "Wow, this is a big cat. And he's solid too." He was by no means fat, he was all muscle and my love bug. The worst thing he ever did was when I was pregnant with my younger son (He's 10 now,) Pouncer got jealous so he "marked" me. It was disgusting and funny at the same time. Because we all know, he did it solely because he loved me so much. He was an indoor/outdoor cat. One day in May 2006, the city had set up to remodel the sidewalks and they were doing a lot of construction type work outside. They were loud and had big tractors. I do not know if the noise drove him away, or if he got caught up in all the equipment (you know cats love to sleep in car/truck/tractor engines,) if a dog got him, or anything else...but I never saw him again. Anyway, I loved Pouncer and we had some good years. I miss him dearly.

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